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As a daycare provider, if you spot your listing on our website, you can take ownership and oversee it. To accomplish this, you have a few options. You might choose to click on a button labeled "Claim your daycare." Should you have located your listing through our parent find daycare search, you can select “Claim this Daycare.” Keep in mind that claiming your daycare will require your operation license number.

Our platform empowers you to showcase every aspect of your daycare that prospective parents would love to explore. We've crafted this system with the perspective of potential parents in mind, focusing on the factors that matter most as they search for the ideal daycare for their children. Beyond spending a few minutes to craft an engaging and captivating profile page, we recommend keeping your content up-to-date for the best results. Our offerings encompass a range of features designed to elevate your daycare's visibility and appeal. You'll have the opportunity to list your available spots and promote special offers, creating an enticing experience for parents. Additionally, you can enrich your profile with images of your center and relevant details about your daycare. This can encompass an "About Us" section where you share insights into your operations, security protocols, accreditation, curriculum, teaching staff, languages spoken at your center, and much more. We're enthusiastic about providing you with our expertise, assistance, and support, all with the aim of helping your daycare flourish with new leads and enrollments, while maintaining maximum capacity. We firmly believe that our system offers the path to achieving these goals.

We are sorry that you experienced this. Please send us an email to include your listing with your daycare center information. You can reach us at info@daycarespots.com and we will ensure your inclusion in our system. We're excited to welcome you into our network!

To edit your page, you will first need to claim your listing on Daycare Spots. Once you complete our onboarding process, you'll gain entry to your dashboard, which enables you to make changes to your daycare profile. It's crucial to remember that your profile page on Daycare Spots is what prospective parents will view. Hence, ensuring accuracy is paramount. Please note that any uploaded information will be reviewed by our specialist team members. In certain instances, we may need to make additional edits, deletions, or modifications to your listing

Parents who are interested in your daycare center can establish direct contact through various channels including our messaging system, tour requests, price inquiries, and waiting list inquiries. To ensure seamless communication, please make sure your contact details are accurate and up-to-date within your profile. Can I offer virtual tours or video introductions of my daycare center? Absolutely. You can provide virtual tours, videos, or multimedia presentations to showcase your daycare center's environment, facilities, and the activities you offer.

Your profile should include details about your center's curriculum, age groups served, facilities, staff qualifications, enrollment process, pricing, and any unique selling points that set your center apart as well as your open spots.

When parents contact you through the platform, you'll receive lead notifications. You can then respond promptly to their inquiries, provide information, and schedule tours if needed.

Absolutely, when you list your available spots, you have the opportunity to offer special promotions or discounts specifically for parents who discover your daycare center through our platform. This approach can effectively generate more interest and engagement.

Parents can provide reviews and feedback on their experiences with your daycare center. You can monitor and respond to these reviews through your dashboard.

We offer options for featured listings and premium placement that can enhance your daycare center's visibility among parents searching for childcare options.


No, using DaycareSpots.com is completely free for parents. We're here to make your daycare search as convenient and stress-free as possible.

You can use our search feature to enter your desired location, age group of your child, and any other specific filter preferences. Our platform will then provide you with a list of daycare options that match your criteria.

Upon arriving on our platform, there will be no need to navigate elsewhere. Everything you require is available in one place! DaycareSpots.com offers a comprehensive hub where you can access all the information you need. You have the ability to search for daycare options based on a range of criteria including location, age group, facilities, and reviews. Following this, you can seamlessly request tours, gather essential information, and ultimately arrive at well-informed decisions regarding the ideal daycare for your child.

Yes, each daycare profile on our website offers the option to schedule tours. Simply find a daycare you're interested in, check its profile for tour availability, and follow the instructions to schedule a visit.

The Daycare center will contact you on the number or the email address that you provided on the 'Schedule a Tour' form. Please allow 24-72hrs for the center to get in touch with you.

Profiles of daycares encompass comprehensive information about their facilities, programs, staff, guiding philosophy, visual imagery, as well as a list of elementary schools they provide pick-up and drop-off services for. Moreover, you'll discover details about available spots, special offers, and the chance to book tours and engage in messaging. Furthermore, you can peruse reviews provided by fellow parents, offering valuable insights into the daycare's standing and reputation.

No. The standout feature of our website is the convenience of scheduling tours at your fingertips. In every daycare profile, there's a designated section specifically for tour scheduling. Just share your contact information along with your preferred tour date and time to schedule one. Subsequently, the daycare's staff will be in touch to confirm the details.

The daycare profiles clearly specify the age groups they serve. If you have specific concerns related to your child's age, you can also reach out to the daycare directly. This can be done by sending a message through your dashboard. Additionally, you'll discover a list of available spots for various age groups under the "Open spots" section.

Yes, you can read reviews from other parents who have used the daycare services. These reviews can provide insights into the experiences of other families and help you make an informed decision.

Each daycare has its unique enrollment process. To initiate the enrollment process, you can either schedule a tour or send a direct message to the daycare through our website. This will allow you to gather more information about their specific enrollment requirements and procedures.

If you need to report any incorrect information about a daycare, please contact our customer support team at info@daycarespots.com. We value your input and strive to maintain the information of the daycares listed on our platform.