Childcare is constantly evolving year after year, but in the last year it has changed exponentially due to Covid-19 along with just keeping up with the current times. We know that some of these changes we’d rather do without, but in other ways, these changes have created a promising future for the childcare industry.

Offering Video Tours

More and more parents are working full-time, which doesn’t allow for a lot of free time to be able to check out daycares and find the right fit for them and their children. Video tours have slowly become more popular over the years. You can virtually tour homes for sale, college campuses, and now you can tour daycares virtually too.

No need to take time off work or to try and plan a tour between an already busy schedule. Check with your preferred daycares to see if they are offering virtual tours to help you with your decision!

Remote Learning

Long gone are the days where daycare is just a giant playground for children. For years, many facilities have started incorporating age-appropriate education and learning activities into the daycare environment.

While still wanting to encourage early childhood education, most daycares have taken to remote or online learning during the pandemic. Many are planning on continuing this practice, as it helps parents get involved with their child’s learning.

Communication Between Parents and Teachers

The norm used to be getting sent home letters from teachers, which parents then had to sign to confirm they had read said letter. Because of this, the bridge of communication was lost, and further communication only happened when parents scheduled a conference or something of the like.

With newer technology, it is easier to communicate with parents and teachers. Most teachers are now accustomed to using email and virtual chatting to keep parents in the loop about their children, giving parents their peace of mind.

Finding Childcare Is Easier Than Ever Before

Thanks to the internet, finding childcare is so much easier now than it ever has been. Instead of relying on friends and members of the community or flipping through the yellow pages, a quick search through our website, Daycare Spots, can help you find the daycare facility that fits your expectations, has availability and is in line with your budget.

While this isn’t technically a daycare service, it’s nice to not have to stress about calling different daycares in your area and getting more information. At Daycare Spots, you receive effortless access to everything you need to know about your daycare of interest. Whether that is their state compliance history, availability, scheduling tours, signing up for a waiting list, or even browsing ratings by other parents, you will find everything you need right here. Sign up for your free account today to compare programs.

As you can see, many changes are being made in the daycare world to keep up with modern technology and today’s circumstances. Childcare is a constantly growing and evolving industry that can be overwhelming to shuffle through. Allow Daycare Spots to take a little bit of the stress away and help you find the best fit for you and your family!