Packing things for your child’s daycare can be a bit overwhelming. What do they need? What does the daycare provide? These are just a couple of questions to ask when preparing for packing. The good thing about packing is once you have it down, it becomes relatively easy to just have your bag ready to go, only needing to fill it with the necessities as your child runs out.

First of all, get a second bag

One of the easiest ways to prepare and pack for daycare is having a designated daycare bag. Label the bag with your child’s name and have it ready to go by the door with everything that you need already packed inside. Going through the bag on Sunday before daycare starts again is a great way to stock up or replace anything that is running low.


Now, if you have a baby, this step is really easy. You just need to make sure you have the formula or breast milk and a few clean bottles ready to go for feeding. Some daycares just require you to bring a container of formula, but some ask you to premeasure the formula out. Be sure to double check and also write down how much formula your baby needs.

If your child is old enough to eat solid food, make sure to pack their lunch every day. Ask the daycare if they have a refrigerator for keeping anything cold from spoiling. Most daycares have snack times, so double up on the snacks and think about bringing options for your child in case they are picky. Most packaged snacks can last a while, so just throw those suckers in the bag and check on them every week to make sure you’re not running low.

Extra Clothes

Mess happens, especially with kids. Bathroom accidents, spilling food or getting muddy during recess are all possibilities at daycare. Instead of getting a call in the middle of the work day to come bring your child a new set of clothes, pack them with their stuff! This can include shirts, pants, socks and underwear or diapers.

Your Child’s Favorite...

Nothing is worse than sending your child to daycare for eight hours, only to realize you forgot their favorite comfort item. Most parents fear their child losing or ruining their favorite blanket or stuffed animal while at daycare. A great option for this is getting a backup of this item and using it strictly for daycare. Bringing these comfort items with them will not only help them transition into daycare, but can comfort them through those long days.

Don’t worry too much about having it all together at first. Staying organized throughout the week will prevent rushed mornings and stressful, late-night packing. Over time, this will become part of your routine, and you’ll become a pro at packing your child’s bag throughout all their stages.