For a moment, it felt like we were in the clear. People started to leave their homes, businesses started to open up again and children started going back to school as vaccines rolled out.

Unfortunately, we have a new threat to our health and safety as the delta variant of Covid-19 is making its way around the world. Cities have gone back into lockdown, businesses are closing again and parents have started to take their children out of schools and daycares.

What’s worse? The delta variant is even more contagious and affects more children than its original counterpart.

So how has childcare been affected during this second wave? In this article, we break down everything parents and daycares need to know about the virus and protecting those close to them during these uncertain times.

Decreasing Enrollment in Schools and Daycares

Most child care centers and schools have a secured front entrance to prevent intruders from just walking in. Additionally, there is usually a sign-in of some sort to keep track of everyone who comes and goes. Confirm with your daycare that they have some type of security to prevent strangers from walking into the facility, and ensure that they have documentation on who can pick your child up when you’re unavailable.

In response, daycares throughout the world are changing and updating their policies to ease parents’ worries. This includes mask enforcement, stricter cleaning protocols and abiding by local mandates.

Hiring A Nanny & Using Smaller-Scale Childcare Options

Some parents are also choosing to hire an in-home nanny for their children to maintain a cleaner environment. However, this is a luxury afforded by only a few.

Another option is choosing small group childcare options, or hiring a nanny who watches a few different kids other than your own. These options can be cheaper than hiring a single nanny, and it drastically reduces the amount of children that are being exposed together.

Many daycares are also offering smaller group options to provide a safer environment and aid in social distancing.

Staying Home/HomeSchooling

Food storage and preparation is important at any facility providing food for children. Whether they are simply storing food for your child’s lunch and snacks, or they are preparing their food every day, ask how they take safety precautions, especially if your child has food allergies. Make sure you are asking questions about their policies and procedures when regarding food, and how they would handle it if an emergency were to occur.

How To Choose

There is no one size fits all answer to which childcare option to use. Determining what’s best for you and your child, and what makes everyone in your household feel most comfortable is the most important factor.

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